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Recreational Therapy

Creative ways to engage growth and healing

Recreational Therapy in Wake Forest, NC

Recreational Therapy is a systematic process that uses recreation and other activity-based interventions to identify and address the needs of individuals with mental health illness or behavioral problems.

Recreational Therapists are typically found in inpatient settings and form part of the treatment team to provide targeted therapies. By using an activity-based approach, they provide an alternative to a purely talk-based approach. This can be extremely successful for certain patients, including children or adults who may be reluctant or nervous in a purely talk-based setting.

Cedar Oaks Clinic's recreational therapist Maddie Miller smiling with her dog Joan in Wake Forest, NC

Meet Maddie and Joan!

Cedar Oaks Clinic is very excited to offer the services of Maddie Miller, a Licensed Recreational Therapist/Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. She has worked with adolescents in the only state-run Residential Psychiatric Treatment Facility, where she ran trauma-informed groups in areas such as life skills, stress, and frustration management, social skills, and teaching adolescents how to cope effectively in a positive manner rather than engaging in maladaptive behaviors.

Collaboration and Customization

Maddie works with the entire treatment team to create interventions and help both adults and adolescents to cope better with their personal situations. This can be done through modalities such as art, collages, and everyday activities that have a therapeutic twist to teach frustration management, self-esteem, anger management, self-confidence, and overall regaining a sense of purpose in one’s life.

Maddie works with individuals and families to identify individual needs, develop strategies, and offer tools to address those needs.

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Art station with paint brushes used as therapeutic tools for Cedar Oaks recreational therapy